Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Scallion Pancakes Revisited: Illustrative Edition

Hi there! Way back when, on February 9, I posted how to make Heart-Shaped Scallion Pancakes! The post was meant to be in time for Valentine's Day, hence the heart theme. But we all know that scallion pancakes are good anytime.  Recently I made a batch of these delsih items. Regular style and heart-shaped. Whole wheat flour and wheat flour. All kinds are sooo good! You'll love 'em.

So, let's revisit the recipe, shall we? And this time I have photos!!!

Serving: 4
3 cups all purpose flour
1 cup hot water (not boiling)
1/2 cup ice water
2 bunches fresh scallion (several stalks tied together with rubber bands make one bunch)
Table salt
Vegetable oil

Large bowl

Wooden spoon for mixing hot water with flour
Plastic wrap or damp cloth
Large skillet
Pin roller - if you don’t have one, a clean glass bottle to flatten dough

Now, once more through the steps.

1. In a bowl, slowly add hot water in steady stream to flour while stirring with wooden spoon.
2. Continue stirring while cold water is added. Form dough into a ball.

Remember the cold water. Important!
Whole Wheat Flour Mix. Play around with the water for the right consistency.
Make it into a ball.

3. Oil inside of bowl. Set dough in it. Cover with plastic wrap or damp cloth and let rise at least 30 minutes.
Under the covers and rising!

4. While the flour rises, cut scallions into 1/8 inch thick pearls.
Scallions! MMMM 

Remove the ends.
Choppity chop chop
Bowl full of goodness

5. On floured or thinly oiled surface flatten dough to about 1/8 inch thickness.
Rolling pin. If not a clean glass bottle will do in a pinch

6. Brush dough generously with oil. Evenly sprinkle salt. With your palms, pat the salt in. Cover with a generous layer of scallion pearls.
Olive oil. Don't be stingy but don't be too liberal. Just right.

Salt to taste. Right when you think you have enough, give another shake. Then it's OK.

Don't be afraid to load up the scallions.

7. Roll it up like a jelly roll.
Roll, roll, roll your scallions and dough!

Believe me, the secret is in the rolling. You'll notice the difference.

8. To make heart shape, bring two ends inward and downward to the center then gently flatten with palms and fingers. Make bottom of heart pointed. If the scallion pearls break through the dough, just sprinkle some flour on it and press again.
Use a smaller flattened piece of dough

Roll, roll, roll again

Bring the ends inward. Easy does it.

Take heart at the shape that is now forming.


9. To make circular shaped scallions, cut roll into three or four pieces and set it on cut edge and press down.
Cut the roll into even parts.

Flour the ends.

Pinch down on the floured end to seal.

Now it's ready.

Using your palm - squash! Not actually squash. More of a controlled downward press.

Add more flour to seal as necessary.
Whole wheat flour mix. Can be rolled like regular flour or just folded. Depends upon the consistency you get with whole wheat flour mix.

10. Panfry at medium heat.

11. For crispy scallion pancakes, pat and press with spatula.
Use the end of the spatula to flatten. When beginning to get golden brown on bottom flip and flatten anew

Golden brown and crispy.

The hearts panfry nicely.

Nothing like a plate of scallion pancakes to say I  Love You!.

The whole wheat scallion pancakes have a nice hearty taste to them. Many people prefer them to the traditional scallion pancakes.

Voila! Bon Appetit!!!

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