Friday, April 1, 2011

Westeros Food Again

So it's about a quarter to 6 and Hubs and I are waiting by the orange beat-up Hot Dog Truck in the rain.I can't wait to taste tonight's scrumptious meal. There are about 25 drooling fans ahead of us. I was just contemplating what I'll go for between the menu choices, Hubs says, "I'm getting the venison and you're getting the Head cheese". Fine with me, I know we're sharing anyway.

Oh, I can't wait. So, excited. I can squeak!

Snow mixed in the rain. Ummm, that would be sleet. Kind of cold, but definitely worth the trouble.

About 50 people queuing right now.

Unable to load photos from my iPhone but will be taking photos for when the Hog Dog Truck leaves to make room for the Game of Throne Truck.

OMG, at 5:58 it's already here.

They just passed out menus.
I'm totally sweating Lemon Cakes. Squeak!

Hubs tells me he's making a reservation at Colocchio & Sons for our first anniversary next month.squeak. Squeak.

About 150 in the queue now. Food not yet ready.

Sorry for the delay. I've been busy feasting. As soon as the Game of Truck opened, I knew from wednesday's experience it was gonna move fast. Since we're in the first 25, we only had the time to snap a few pictures.

Hubs venison was sooooooo good. It's served on a stick, RenFaire style. Pink in the center, tender and nicely seasoned. Mine was pork head cheese. It's a nice rind of pork wrapped in skin with fat. Venison was served with barley and head cheese was farro and dried fruits. I prefer the latter because it gas a fresh citrus taste to it.

Lemon Cake is to die for. I can totally eat it every day. Gotta try the recipe.

Chef Colicchio's team did a great job again.absolutely delicious.

Hubs can't believe that they provided Lannister napkins (we kept the napkins. Of course! Squeak) from Winterfell. House Stark represent!!!

Line's about 30-40 deep.

Absolutely worth waiting in the cold dampness.

Can't wait for Game of Thrones sneak preview Sunday night.

Now I'm gonna leave the Meat Packing District where I blog from inside the Apple Store on 9th Avenue and W 14th, while I over look the Game of Thrones Food Truck just across the street.

Hubs is going out to a drink with fellow avid fans of the Gane of Thrones.

Did I say Lemon Cake was absolutely D-E-V-I-N-E?

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