Friday, April 1, 2011

Make Your Own Wrapping Paper ~ DIY Turorial- Level of Difficulty - Easy

Ever found yourself in this dilemma? You have some really beautiful fabric scraps from previous projects. The scraps are too small even to save for a patchwork or quilt project, what do you do? Throw them out? Gut wrenching. Save them? They multiply faster than rabbits, soon you’ll find your drawers, closets full of bags and bags, boxes and boxes of them.

But, do not fear.  There are many creative ways to upcycle and make good use of them.

Today, I will share with you how you too may turn these beautiful fabric scraps you’re been saving into artistic and personalized wrapping papers. Yep, no more of the same old, same old store bought wrapping papers that lack personality. Let’s get creative!

Material - pliable paper in the color of your choice*; sewing machine; thread; scissors; fabric scraps

Step 1 -
Cut paper to desired size. It needs to be big enough to wrap a gift.

Step 2 -
Cut fabric to desired shapes of in average one half inch to one inch. I like to use heart shapes and geometric shapes. Free hand shapes are very cool too.

Step 3 -
Set your machine to between 10-12 stitch length per inch.
Place paper on machine and sew a straight line through the center of cut fabric. Remember to backstitch each way.
Place and sew the fabric shapes in a harmonious yet random way. Fill the spaces without over crowding.

Ta da....Et Voila! Here’s the finished product.

You can get one I made here.

Tips - You can leave the extra thread from starting and ending your stitch hanging. They add a cool effect to your finished project.

*I used artist tracing paper for this project. Wax paper from the kitchen or Parchment are great too. Tissue paper used for gift wrapping is a good choice. You can use two layers of same or different colors to add pizzazz.

Do post your photos and share if you've made some. Please comment with any questions.

Legal notice. All artist rights reserved. I provide this tutorial to share my creative way to help keep our planet clean. If you plan on using my idea for profit/non-profit or would like to blog about this tutorial, please email me at for expressive permission.

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