Saturday, October 29, 2011

Games of Thrones inspired Baby Dragon Monsters!!!

Last April before the HBO series Game of Thrones debuted we went to some GOT Food Trucks that spent a week in NYC.  You can read about those adventures here, here, and here.

Well, since then in GOT-related news, we watched the show on HBO (I loved it even though I kept having to ask hubby what was going on) and hubby read the newest book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series: A Dance with Dragons. It was a big book but I remember he devoured it quickly and then spent days talking to his brother about it.

(Just last night he was reading ADWD again - "I want to reread the Davos chapters" he said, quickly adding "You haven't met him yet in the TV show." Later, when I mentioned how cold it was getting in the bedroom, he just said "Winter is Coming" followed by "The North doesn't forget." This morning when I noted it was snowing , he commented "I was never sent my white raven." Sometimes I don't know how I put up with him.)

I'll get around to reading the series one day. Right now I am too busy.  But I have not forgotten about Game of Thrones, especially the final scene of the season. I just loved Dany rising out of the ashes with those cute little dragons. It was a beautiful, powerful scene, one of the best of the entire series.

Now, as you all know, some of my favorite creations (they are all my favorites, really) are the WannaBe Dragon Monsters and Baby Dragon Monsters. So inspired was I by that last scene and by the hints hubby gave me about the rest of the story that I decided to make some Baby Dragon Monsters in honor of Daenerys and her Dragons.

I got the color combinations and created them. There is black/red just like Drogon, green/bronze same as Rhaegal, and cream/gold modeled after Viserion.

Here are some photos below or you can visit my Etsy page for more information.

Winter is Coming, or perhaps, more appropriately, Fire and Blood. Enjoy!

Drogon: Black/Red; Viserion: Cream/Gold; Rhaegal: Green/Bronze

Drogon: Black/Red; Viserion: Cream/Gold; Rhaegal: Green/Bronze

Thursday, October 27, 2011


What could be better for Halloween than a MONSTER???

How 'bout a Dragon Monster!!

Not just any Dragon Monster but a Baby Dragon Monster!!


I'll tell you what could be better for Halloween.  Nothing.

Click here to find your Baby Dragon Monster today.


WHEW! Staying busy getting ready for the Columbus Circle Holiday Market (November 30 to December 24).

 All of the Les Musettes Families will be there. Remember to let us know your favorite Musette. Ménagerie Oiselet (Sachet birdies - now available in lavender and balsam fir!), Muzzit Haiku, the Arabesque siblings - Ragtime, Sonnet, Cadenza, and Nebula; and the Dragon Monsters. Who can forget the Dragon Monsters! 

Speaking of Dragon Monsters, I have been working on new and exciting Baby Dragon Monsters. Don't worry, they are still the same ole' Baby Dragon Monsters, what with their tough cuteness and glow-in-the-dark fangs.  But look for a new look on some of them. 

New fabric, new patterns, same baby Dragon Monsters!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


LA MUSE KALLIOPÊ will be easy to find this Holiday season!

Along with the other wonderful Etsy Artisans that comprise Lil' New Yorker we will be offering all of your favorite Musettes and Muzzits at



If you can't make it to the Columbus Circle Holiday Market, the "Lil' Muses" are available at our Etsy Shop. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall Crafts in Chelsea - October 15, 2011

LA MUSE KALLIOPÊ is happy to announce Les Musettes will be at the Fall Crafts in Chelsea on October 15th. It's gonna be loads of fun with creative people.

 Shamelessly copied from TheNewNew.
WHEN: Saturday, October 15 from 10-5pm
WHERE: 21st street between 8th and 9th avenue

This event spotlights over 100 of the best local New York artists and craftspeople vending their own unique jewelry, pottery, clothing, fine art and other handmade goods. Visitors to the fair will enjoy the opportunity to converse with artists about their creative processes while shopping for one of a kind items.