Friday, November 16, 2012

LMK USQ: Design to Reality

When thinking about "the look" for the LA MUSE KALLIOPÊ Shop at the Union Square Holiday Markets we wanted something that fully encompassed the Wondrous World of Les Musettes. Where all the Les Musettes, from the original Offy to the newest Unicornettes and the best-selling WannaBe Dragon Monsters, can all co-exist in peace, love, and happness. A Musette World that is warm and invites YOU into their world. A Shop that transfers you to a good place where making that connection to your personal Lil' Muse is not only possible but exciting.

Jean had lots of ideas but they all centered on the above theme. After narrowing the choices (functionality plus feasibility needed to be considered) here was the final sketch.

Design in hand came the process of making it work. Buying lumber and tools, procuring necessary accessories, and finding the time to do it right all the while producing inventory to sell within the Shop. With the pre-work completed it was time to actually build it. Three days (one day in the rain!) of painting and assembly and hanging lights and leveling wall hangings all came to fruition.

We hope you'll come visit us and enter the Wondrous World of Les Musettes!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


The Holidays are quickly approaching. LA MUSE KALLIOPÊ is ready!
Here is a quick reminder where LA MUSE KALLIOPÊ and Les Musettes can be found. 
We are working hard to handcraft these one-of-a-kind creations and have them ready to be placed under the tree or in the stocking!

As always you can find where we will be or where Les Musettes are sold by checking out our Events Calender

  • This is the third year that Les Musettes will be exhibited at the Annual Celebration of American Crafts. We are proud to announce that this year  LA MUSE KALLIOPÊ is one of the featured artists! 
  • After a successful Holiday Market at Columbus Circle last season as part of the LIl' New Yorker Shop, LA MUSE KALLIOPÊ has moved on to their own Shop at Union Square this year! Come visit and see new designs of Dragon Monsters and brand new creations to boot!
  • Bungalow Blue is a fantastic gallery In Larchmont with all sorts of inspired items which are eco-friendly, upcycled, reccycled and just plain cool.   
  • Our WannaBe Dragon Monsters are created with felt from recycled plastic bottles. We also use scrap fabric in many of the creations. We were very happy that Bungalow Blue wants our product in their shop. Very cool. 
  • Come visit us at Union Square and ask us about our efforts to incorporate reccyled and scrap material and find out how you can get a custom-made Les Musettes from your old clothes and/or fabric!
  • For those outside of the Tri-State area who can't pick a Les Musettes in person, visit our Etsy Shop to order your very own Les Musettes. Or just email us. Thanks! 

Creative Arts Workshop

44th Annual Celebration of American Crafts 

80 Audubon Street
New Haven, Connecticut 06510

October 27 - December 24, 2012
Mon to Sat 11 - 6
Thursdays 11 - 8
Sundays 1 - 5
December 24, 11 - 2

The Holiday Market at Union Square
Union Square, NYC

November 16 - December 24, 2012
(Closed Thanksgiving Day)
Monday – Friday, 11:00am to 8:00pm
Saturday, 10:00am to 8:00pm
Sunday, 11:00am to 7:00pm
Monday, December 24th closes at 4:00pm

Bungalow Blue Gallery Boutique
Bungalow BLUE is a Gallery and Shop featuring beautiful art and fashionable and edgy useful items that are created through upcycling and repurposing reclaimed, recycled and natural materials.  We support artists who believe in the philosophy that all things made by man can have a second life as art, home decor, fashion accessories, jewelry, and more.
150 Larchmont Avenue,
Larchmont NY 10538
(914) 834-0302