Les Musettes TIDBITS

Les Musettes TIDBITS
Fun facts about your favorite "Lil' Muses"!!!! 

TIDBIT # 1: Collective nouns for Musettes and Muzzits

Les Musettes are great for inspiration and creativity alone or within a group.  When more than one Les Musette gets together they are collectively referred to as a "Wonder" or an "Amusement" depending on which family is gathering.

An Amusement of Muzzit Prodigy

A Wonder of Musettes
An Amusement of Baby Dragon Monsters

A Wonder of ChouChou Musettes

TIDBIT #2: Muse-ability
Baby  Dragon Monsters stay on their tippytoes to reinforce their "Muse-Ability".

An Amusement of Baby Dragon Monsters showing off their "Muse-Ability"

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