Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring and Summer 2012 Craft Fairs

The applications are out, an acceptance has been made, and other verdicts still waiting to be heard. LMK is putting together another great spring and summer of Craft Fairs and outdoor markets. We hope to see everyone out there. Stop by and say "hi" and find that personal "Lil' Muse" you've been waiting for!!!

Check our Upcoming Events page to see where we will be.

Check the Past Events page to see where we have been.

Leave a comment for any suggestions of where you want us to be.

If you can come see us in person you can always virtually stop by the ETSY Shop.

We are not even out of February yet but we do know one place we will be in May. Hope to see you in the Mile Squared City then!

Hoboken Arts & Music Festival

presented by Mayor Dawn Zimmer and The City of Hoboken

Sunday, May 6, 2012 11am to 6pm

takes place on Washington St.
between Observer Highway to 7th St.

Over 300 Artists, Crafters, Photographers,
Sculptors, Local Businesses, Restaurants,
Food Vendors, local non-profits & more
Rain or shine – Admission is Free

With 3 Stages of live music

Games of Thrones inspired Dragon Monsters!!!

Readers of this blog know that we are big fans of the book series A Song of Ice and Fire and the HBO series based upon it, Game of Thrones.

 In appreciation and anticipation of the HBO series Game of Thrones season 2 beginning on April 1st here are LMK's George R.R. Martin inspired Dragon Monsters.

l-r: Viserion, Drogon, Rhaegal
Glow-In-The-Dark Fangs - guess who's who!

Baby GoT Dragon Monsters- l-r: Drogon, Viserion, Rhaegal

LMK and all the Musettes are looking forward to GoT Season 2 and to ASOIAF Book 6!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The new clothing line - JNSQ™ by LA MUSE KALLIOPÊ - has its own tab on our site.

Go and checkout the new onesies, sleeprs, and hoodie designs as well as various adult/youth tees!

Here's a sample for you. But please check out the page and let us know what you think!

Interactive WannaBe Dragon Monster Onesie

JNSQ Onesie

Baby Heart Muse Applique

No More Radio Silence


We, here at LA MUSE KALLIOPÊwish to apologize for the long break. After a successful 2011 Holiday Market we decided to celebrate with family and enjoy some downtime.

That doesn't mean we haven't been busy!! There's a new year that is quickly passing, which means more markets to coordinate, more products to create, and much more musing around than last year!!

So keep paying attention - to the blog, to our Facebook page, to our Twitter account and to the LMK ETSY shop. 

There will be updates on our Spring/Summer 2012 schedule. There will be details about our new JNSQ clothing line that debuted at the 2011 Columbus Circle Holiday Market to a very positive response.

We are  looking forward to a great 2012 with you and hope you'll continue to provide your support!!

We have our Baby Dragon Monsters and are getting ready to make new wishes!!