Tuesday, April 5, 2011

FoodTruck From Winterfell (Photos)

I am told that Winterfell is in the north, far away. Traveling there and back to try out their venison and head cheese took a while. Hence, the wait for photos to be posted. But here they are.To see the live blogging that occurred while waiting for the GoT Food Truck Friday click here

To see the write-up from Wednesday GoT Food Truck click here

I found the beat up orange hot dog truck. The quest is almost complete! 

The switcheroo is in place. GoT Food Truck pulls up.

The crowds throng as the GoT Food Truck prepares for the feast!

Just about there. So close we can smell it. Squeak!

Top is the venison on a stick. Hubby likes food on a stick. Bottom is the Suckling Head Cheese. These main dishes are book-ended by Lemon Cakes. Oooh-la-la. Lemon Cakes. Ah, to live in Westeros and eat Lemon cakes all day and every day.  

Time to say good-bye to Westeros, Winterfell, and the GoT Food Truck. 

Both days were loads of fun. And good eating, too! I'll miss the food (except when I begin baking Lemon Cakes for myself...and maybe hubs). But now to get excited about Sunday nights and the Game of Thrones show!

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