Friday, June 29, 2012

LMK Card Making Workshop at Better Than Jam Summer Handmade Gift Shop on Governor's Island!!!

Tomorrow is the FREE card making workshop!!!!

Join me as I put the handmade touch on card making.
Learn to look beyond what you see. Let's take a trip with the eyes of our creative mind.

Go from this

to this

It all happens:

June 30
12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Better Than Jam Summer Handmade Gifts Shop

Governors Island, NY 


The summer arts & craft fair season is dwindling to an end for LMK!

It was a tremendously busy and successful May and a positive June.

That doesn't mean we have stopped.

You can still find your favorite Musettes at BTJ Handmade Gift Shop on Governor's Island all summer long.

We may also be showing up at other stores soon. No more talk... you know about the best laid plans....

The ETSY Shop is always open for business.

And in the meantime we are working on new designs and expanding the Les Musettes universe for the Fall and Holidays Market in 2012!

Thanks for being part of it!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Yeti Kath

Yeti Kath now lives with us among all the Musettes. She fits right in. Another fuzzy faced Musette.

Yeti finding rest in the kitchen.
Awww, Yeti Kath
While renting we could not have pets (well, we could but it was an extra monthly charge and then we heard they kept lots of the deposit fee for clean-up) but we knew we would get a cat when we moved.

Jean began looking at rescue sites. One day she saw Yeti's face and knew she had to have her. The only glitch was we still had a month to go on our lease.

Jean and I picked her up at Social Tees Animal Rescue in the East Village. We were bringing her to my brother's house for safe keeping along with their three other cats. Since it is assumed that she is a Himalyan mix, I proposed to name her Yeti. Jean was unsure and she wasn't the only one who thought Yeti was too masculine a name. Other names were thrown out there but none stuck.
Yeti circling her food bowl like a shark

Yeti began to grow as a name to everyone who knew her. She looked like a Yeti, acted like a Yeti, hid like a Yeti, bit like a Yeti (personal experience), and overall was Yeti. Jean added her middle name Kath in honor of Kathmandu hoping that Yeti Kath sounded a bit softer than plain ole' Yeti. But Yeti is it.

Yeti has been a great addition to the house. She picks up our spirits and enlivens the day. She loves the Hamilton Park neighborhood in Jersey City and enjoys walks in the park whenever she can.
Meow, Meow

Yeti pondering the meaning of life during a stroll in Hamilton Park

Thanks, Yeti Kath.

Not Yo' Mama's Musettes 2012

LMK will be at the Not Yo Moma's 4th Annual Blow Out Bash 2012 on Saturday June 12.
The day is looking to be wonderful - sunny and 80!
Begin the summer months with us in the Powerhouse Distrct!


The HUGE capper to the NYM Blitzcraft 2012 will be 3 blocks long. Just het yourself behind the SHoprite and BJ's and you won't miss it. 

Offically, the exact location is on Provost Street between 2nd Street & Bay Street AND First Street, between 2nd Street and Warren Street.

Just follow the fun and you'll find it!