Wednesday, March 23, 2011


A baby Musette crept slowly from the remains of the hatched egg. The egg was in three large pieces with smaller pieces scattered not so far from it. The egg was silver and purple and shiny. Each of the smaller scattered pieces reflected a different color in the sunlight. Surrounding this egg was a field of high, green grasses with wildflowers of various colors spread intermittently throughout. All across this field other eggs were beginning to crack and hatch.

Some of these eggs were tiny, some large, some a single bright color while others were mixed with the colors of a sunset or a rainbow or the reflection of the trees glistening in the still pools. All these eggs had baby Musettes inside. A lucky egg may contain two, even three of them.

The baby Musette that came forth from the silver and purple egg began to become aware of its surroundings. It knew where it was. It remembered the stories it had been told while still in its egg.

“...Mount Helicon is a place of serene beauty and nurturing life-giving...”

“...The birthplace of the Nine Muse...”

“the different arts flourished in its fertile lands and creativity was nourished by its clear springs...”

“ day you will inspire others as all Musettes once inspired the Nine Muse...”

The Musette’s task was clear: one day it would be ready to go off with someone as a creative companion and a personal pal. But first it would grow and learn within the confines of Mount Helicon.

In the days that passed, this baby Musette learned more about the Nine Muse and how the Musettes inspired them and asked them to help inspire everyone, to become a personal “Lil’ Muse” for all who needed one.

Between lessons the baby Musette frolicked in the fields of tall, cool grass, went swimming in the springs, and hiking up the slopes of Mount Helicon. But for all this, it still felt restless. It still felt the need to inspire. The teacher Musettes were kind and wise. They wanted each baby Musette to wait until they were ready to go out into the world and find that certain someone with whom they would connect. So, this baby Musette waited.

One day, while climbing up Mount Helicon, this baby Musette heard voices. High, cries of joy and laughter. Children’s voices! This baby Musette knew what it had to do. It looked inside itself and decided it was ready. Ready to meet others, ready to inspire, ready for that connection.

The baby Musette followed the laughter through a grove of tall trees, with golden leaves. It could hear the wind rustling, as if talking to it, nudging it forward. The trees opened up to a grassy knoll. It spied three children playing with an inflatable ball. Bouncing the ball between them, they laughed and gasped as they did all they could to not let it touch the ground.

After a while, the ball hit the ground and bounced toward the baby Musette. A small girl, with a large smile and innocent eyes, ran over to fetch it. She stopped. The baby Musette and the girl looked at each other. They smiled.

“What are you?” asked the girl.

“Your Musette” replied the baby Musette.

Out came a shriek of happiness from the girl. The other children ran over to inspect the commotion. “What is it?” one of them asked.

“A Muzzit” replied the small girl.

Before the baby Musette could say anything, it noticed the teacher Musettes in the grove of trees. They must have come looking for it. The teacher Musettes saw that a connection was made and left the girl with her Muzzit and the Muzzit with its girl.

From that day forward, Muzzits were encouraged to enter our world alongside Musettes. A Muzzit's purpose is to be a “lil' muse” for kids, to begin that connection that allows inspiration and creativity to live in a child’s mind.

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