Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The springs of Mount Helicon flow strongly, delivering crisp, clear waters into glorious pools surrounded by luscious grasses and colorful flowers. Creatures, of all sizes and shapes and forms, drank freely from these waters, traveling as far as necessary to obtain a taste. From these life-giving springs were born the ancient Nine Muse. The Nine Muse inspired the creation of the arts and literature. Poetry, music, dance, and literature flourished under the Nine Muse. Great works of art were created and imagined.

The great art masters had one of the Nine Muse close to them. But the gifts of the Nine Muse wasn't just a direct line to these artists. The inspiration of the Nine Muse overflowed and reached far beyond individuals and borders. All people and cultures were able to grab hold of these inspirations. The world flourished as did the arts. One representing the other in a continuous cycle, feeding off each other, and making each better and more fruitful. The creativity nourished and the imagination sparked by the Nine Muse became widespread. The world continued to grow. More people continued to be inspired by the Nine Muse. Alas, there were only Nine Muse and now billions of people, all searching for inspiration, for that coaxing to create something, for that need to define themselves and the world around them through words, music, and pictures.

The Nine Muse once again returned to the springs of Mount Helicon, where they were born, the originator of dreams itself. They bathed in its waters, rejuvenating themselves. They walked its shores, gazing in wonder upon the flora and fauna that inhabited this wondrous place. Their eyes turned toward small, little creatures, who played in the grasses, hid under the flowers, and swam in the waters. Different little creatures but all with their own individual charm. The Nine Muse could ascertain different family groups among them, differing colors, and patterns, and shapes. But one similarity among them held constant.

They inspired the Nine Muse.

The Nine Muse looked upon these creatures and their own imagination whirred, their dreams of inspiring all the billions of people peoples may become a realization. The Nine Muse stayed a while longer, longer than they anticipated, for this holiday at Mount Helicon. They interacted with these creatures: singing, reciting, drawing, writing, dancing, looking to the heavens for new stars, and unraveling the mysteries of this vast world. The longer the Nine Muse stayed the more of these creatures they met. The creatures seemed to be everywhere - in the treetops, frolicking in the grasses, perched upon rocks in the pools of water, along the banks of the springs - and even when out of sight their inspiration stayed with the Nine Muse. The Nine Muse were happier than they had been in a long while. Content with knowing they could receive this gift that they have long given.

The Nine Muse knew they had to leave Mount Helicon someday. They realized they had to go back to the world. One day, the Nine Muse met in one the pools and an idea came about, inspired by the creatures. What if these creatures who have so inspired the Nine Muse could find a human companion in which to inspire?

The Nine muse addressed these creatures as they gathered around one of the larger pools. The Nine Muse relayed how the creatures sparked their imaginations, how the creatures allowed the Nine Muse to realize one of their dreams: a world where everyone had their own muse. The Nine Muse asked the creatures to assist them. To go out into the world. The Nine Muse explained that they would be out in the world with them, side by side. The Nine Muse's reach would be far and wide, while the creatures, through the Nine Muse, would have an individual reach. The creatures mandate was to find or be found by that one person who needed them. The creatures, to a one, agreed, and agreed happily.

Thus were born Les Musettes or "Lil’ Muses". Your own personal muse is waiting for you. Go find yours.

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