Thursday, March 31, 2011

Food From Westeros

"Dress warmly", Hubs said to me. "It's nice out now but it will cool down later."

This was how I found out that we would be waiting on line for small bites to eat from a food truck by Lincoln Center, NYC. "It's promotion for that show we will watch on HBO", he helpfully added.  That show - Game of Thrones - takes up a lot of his time. He reread the books they are based on. He’s crazy about the show.  He constantly watches videos of the show on the computer.  Like, over and over and looking for new ones.  He has stopped trying to explain the show. "We'll watch it together and I'll answer any and all questions then." Did I say he’s passionate about the show? Actually, Hubs was one of the few ardent/knowledgable/avid fans chosen to present a collage I put together for him for GoT marketing team last year.

I agreed to meet Hubs by Lincoln Center after he told me I could have a spicy seafood stew as prize for the adventure.

We arrived at Lincoln Center just past five. We scoped the place out to identify the likely spot of the GoT Food Truck. We walked all around the place and decided it had to be by Columbus or Broadway. We ruled out directly in front of Lincoln Center due to rush hour traffic. I pointed out the island between Columbus and Broadway as a potential spot. He wasn't too supportive due to the bus stop on the Broadway side. We waited impatiently on the steps of Lincoln Center. Looking out for the black GoT Food Truck as well as fans in the vicinity. We knew we were in the right spot when we saw groups of people consulting their cellphones constantly. "Are you following Game of Thrones on Twitter?" When he found out I wasn’t (yet) he downloaded the apps to my iPhone and soon I was checking my phone every 15 seconds for the announcement of the exact location of the GoT Food Truck. "Did you update the Twitter feed?" he asked every 30 seconds despite my updating it constantly. Our hearts were beating very fast.

Shortly before six a beat-up, orange hot dog truck parked south of the aforementioned island between Columbus and Broadway on 63rd Street. There was a small group of people waiting around there as well. "Let's go over there", I said. He poo-poo'd the idea. "That truck is probably trying to sell overflow from the GoT food truck" he retorted. He then pointed out that everyone over there was looking at their phones too, waiting for the exact location. Ha, ‘I already know that, Captain Obvious!’ I thought to myself.

The crowd grew bigger over there. He dragged me out to eat here so I dragged him across the street to the larger crowd. In front of the orange food truck some people in HBO shirts were standing around. A line started to form. I was right about the island. I should have followed my instinct and insisted we checked out the small crowd earlier. He reluctantly agreed that I had been right. We were about 40 or 50 in line. Not so bad and the GoT food truck hadn't even showed up yet.

After a few minutes the GoT truck did show up. The orange food truck pulled away. "See, the orange truck was just holding the place for the real food truck.". Hubby said as if he knew it all along.

It was chilly out but I dressed warmly enough. Thanks to Hubs' warning. The “Game of the Thrones” fans are a bunch of very friendly young urban professional, hip looking people. While queuing, we were given a GoT Menu of the Day. There’s a puzzle on the menu, said the HBO staff mysteriously. Later, the HBO staff proudly showed the fans in waiting  how to fold their menus apples to apples and oranges to oranges to spell out "Lys". I don't know what that means but everyone else seemed to.

Once the truck opened up the line flowed smoothly and quickly.

So excited. Imagine a flea trying really hard to prevent itself from jumping up and down and squeaking like a mouse.

I had the Black Seafood Stew with Dragon Peppers and Hubs had Beet and Pickled Egg with Preserved Horseradish. His shellfish allergy prevented him from tasty my stew but I nibbled on his egg. Both of us had Lemon Cakes for dessert. Absolutely scrumptious. I had nice pieces of well prepared and seasoned fresh cuttle fish and shrimps in cuttle fish ink. The pickled egg sucked up beet juice nicely and was sporting a bright fuchsia red all the way to the yolk. Aaaaah...oh la la...and the infamous “Lemon Cake”. It was so delightfully delicious. Like a yellow pixie having fun under the Spring sun.Oh, and they mean business when they say "Dragon Pepper" is an ingredients in Black Seafood Stew. My mouth felt as though it was kissed by a "Fire Dragon".

Oh, I wouldn't let Hubs use the napkins they provided. They looked too good; it'll make a nice souvenir. "I don't like that House", he said. "I want to wipe my mouth with it.". Don't worry. I have both napkins. Maybe I'll frame them.

Depending on the weather and location of the truck Thursday and Friday I would like to go again. It was fun. The food was great. Really, it was. After living in France for about a decade and had some opportunities to enjoy some top notch food, I was impressed by Chef Tom Colicchio’s team.  Now I am excited for the show to begin. It's almost April now but I can’t help but get excited as Hubs constantly says, "Winter is Coming".

Did I mention Hubs is completely C-R-A-Z-Y about "Game of Thrones"?

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  1. Thanks for coming - hope to see you at the truck tonight! And if you're worried about the weather, there's also a Game of Thrones iPhone weather app for you to check - search for "Ice and Fire" in the itunes store :)