Sunday, April 29, 2012

Baby Dragon Monsters - what don't they do?

Everyone loves a Baby Dragon Monster (BDM). Each one unique and comes equipped with their very own individualized charming personality. But it doesn't end there:

Each BDM is interactive. You give yours its wish of creative, fun spikes by making your own wishes and designing your BDM's spikes any way you want!


  Cute as all get out. (Ferocious too!)

A BDM stands on its tippy-toes to increase it's Musebility

BDM is small and compact. So much fun in such a diminutive package.

Each BDM has a hand-sewn hoop that a keyring or bag charm or any ole type of hanging device canbe attached. So easy to have your BDM with you at all times!

Some BDM are trained in the secret art of the  Ninja!

You can find a baby Dragon  Monster on baby clothes!! Still interactive and always adorable!


We are sure there is a Baby Dragon Monster just waiting for you. Out there. Somewhere. Make your wishes come true with a Baby Dragon Monster!

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