Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Unicornettes Are Here!

The newest addition to the Les Musettes Family

This is a Unicorn Musette style!! No horsing around going around here!! Loads of various animals all with different color uni-horns! Even WannaBe Dragon Unicorns! Unicornettes may also come with a Make-A-Wish spike or Heart Ribbons

Material: Polyester faux fur; safety eyes; hypo-allergenic polyfil; non-toxic pellets in a separate inner bag.
Separate inner bag may also contain lavender, sage, balsam fir, mint. 


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  2. These are amazing. I've been looking to find handmade stuffed animals like this that are for sale. My friend told me about another place to find them ( but I kept looking for different places because everywhere is different. Thanks for this.