Tuesday, November 29, 2011


The Black Friday - Cyber Monday Etsy sale may be over...but that was only the beginning!

From now until December 15, 2011 the Etsy sale at LA MUSE KALLIOPÊ will conitnue for all you Holiday shoppers!

Use Coupon Code LMKHOLIDAYS and receive 20% off your entire order. Any order before December 15 will be rushed to the post office for delivery in time for Christmas.

Check out all the items at the Etsy Shop.  Can't decide which Musette would make an excellent gift? Maybe this help...

 Who likes the Ninjas in your family?

A Baby Dragon Monster keyring is an inspiring choice as a stocking stuffer!

Everyone loves a WannaBe Dragon Monster!!

La Ménagerie Oiselet!! Our lil' birdies are available as balsam Fir sachets for that Holiday scent. (Lavender sachet still available also)

Look the baby Dragon Monster on its tippytoes!! Who can resist the charm??

There's enough Musettes and Muzzits for all the members of your family! Find all the Les Musettes Families here.

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