Monday, May 2, 2011

Hoboken Art & Music Festival 2011

Hoboken Arts & Music Festival May 1, 2011 was a really fun day. Lots of food, live music and whimsical"Lil' Muses".

Jillian (journalist) and Julio (cameraman) from "Hudson County TV"came and interviewed us. Towards the end of the interview, Jean's multi-lingual skills (as she, herself puts it, 5 secondary language with no primary...zut alors!) jinxed her and she said some mind boggling things. But here is the translation of what she wanted to say concerning the Make-A-Wish Wannabe Dragon Monsters.

You make a wish and clip a triangle on the spine of the Wannabe Dragon Monster. When the wish comes true, you clip a larger one. You keep wishing and clipping until the Wannabe Dragon Monster has a nice row of spikes down its back that you provided it with. Finally, the Wannabe Dragon Monster gets its wish too by becoming a real Dragon Monster. can give your Wannabe Dragon Monster a really funky hairdo or Mohawk spike with your own creativity down it's back.

Many wishes come true to ya all!!!

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